Part Or Full Time To Work With Me As Partner But No Investment Required More Info....

Part Or Full Time To Work  With Me As Partner But No Investment Required More Info....
City: Birmingham
Last visit: 13 Apr 2014
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Posted: 13 Apr 2014


its like you become a partner in my business without any investment or technical knowledge however you must be available part or full time

I m already running a marketing company called DMA4U limited (Google it) , however after dealing with many businesses and doing marketing and advertising for them i have concluded to start a new business which i have done alot of research for , to start a proper E-Commerce business ( Not a small online Shop ) which will be a combination of all these 1) our own products 2) other businesses can create shops in our site 3) i can integrate more than 100,000 products from Amazon and ebay into our site , SO it will be a huge combination of All Stores like amazon and ebay, our own products and also other businesses to create shops in our site to sell everything from cars , furniture, electronics to even books and digital products.

How to make customers visit our site and convince them to buy ?

if you go have a look at my current business "DMA4U" you will find out how much i know about marketing , search engine optimization and web design, so i put all my knowledge together to drive traffic to the site.

i cant discuss all marketing secrets here until i know about you and find out you are the right person

How it will generate profit ?

1) after integrating more than 100,000 products into the site from amazon and ebay, we can earn %10 to %15 commission on whatever we sell . (for example: selling an iPhone through us will get £75 commission)

2) other businesses can create shops and for whatever they sell they will have to pay us commission ( we charge %20 commission)

3) advertising banner on our website ( 6 months Banner advertising £300)

4) selling top rated products by our self and put them on top of search result

5) if it is your first business i can help you get a loan as well for yourself (you don't need to spend in the business because we don't need investment however you are eligible for loan if it is your 1st business and got a good idea and proper business plan like what i have prepared for this business which you can use, search on "start up loans" on Google to find out more about this loan )

Why i am willing to partner with someone else:

Because im already busy with my current business and i need someone to take care of the day to day life of the new business.

Who am i looking for to partner with ?

1) you don't need any technical skills because ill take care of creating the site and everything at the beginning

2) im looking for an honest person who has got enough time for a new business, to take care of day to day life of the business which i will provide you with all training such as: customer service, answering customers inquiries , implementing marketing strategies, adding new products to the site, helping and encouraging new businesses to register to the site, dealing with distributors, dealing with whoever wants to advertise on our site,

3) i need a genuine person who is willing to be together until the end and not trying to learn everything from me and the go away ( and for this purpose we make a proper agreement together )

4) we will share profits & costs equally

5) your location is not important, wherever you are in the UK we can work together, because its all internet based

6) you should have at least 20 hours of time every week ( the more the better)

About me :

1) I have all technical skills and experiences to create whatever i have mentioned above ,

2) education: i have a degree in business and diploma in IT and a diploma in design

3) Currently Running a marketing company called "DMA4U limited" to find out about it search "DMA4U" on google, facebook, youtube, twitter, google plus, etc

4) I have written several books related to marketing you can search my name "Ehsan Zarei" on Amazon to see all my books

So don't be shy call me or email me lets chat, talk, and get to know each other to see if we can work together, even if we cant don't worry we can still be friends and learn from eahother.

If you are in Birmingham we can have coffee in my office the address is below ( if not here no worries just contact me )


Ehsan Zarei


Office 13, DMA4U Limited

10A Hampton house

Great Hampton Street

Jewellery Quarter


B18 6AQ

Mob: 07 466132324

Phone: 0121 439 3479