For Sale 3-Room Ap in Sofia capital / Bulgaria / Vitoscha district in Birmingham

For Sale 3-Room Ap in Sofia capital / Bulgaria / Vitoscha district in Birmingham
Nikola Lubenov
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Posted: 18 Jul 2014


3-Room brick apartment build 2007 in Sofia- Bulgaria for sale

The property is located in Sofia (the capital) and is near the center, the city ring is just a few minutes by car. Shopping areas are not far away, Business Park is situated in 10 minutes, as the ski-lift in the Vitosha Mountains and Sofia Airport. It is located in Vitoscha district (Street Ivan Radoev Nr: 34)

The Apartment is nearby Simeonovsko road (Simeonovski chause) and Boulevard Bulgaria and takes approximately 10min driving to both - city center and Vitosha mountain.

The apartment is almost completely furnished and equipped with electric stove, refrigerator, washing machine, bunk bed, 3 closets and 2 wardrobes (almost unused)

We bought it 2008, but for personal and professional reasons we moved to Berlin.

The ap. is on the third Floor. It is actually 2-Room apartment, splited to 3-Room apartment. To the Apartment belong a small basement (about 4m2) and option to buy underground park place.

The building is inhabited almost entirely and only the ground floor offices are empty. The annual property taxes are around 130-140 levs. The utilities costs in Bulgaria are much differentiated in each season. In the summer we used to pay around 40leva for water and electricity per month and in the winter about 100 levs per month. There is also gas installation in the apartment but we have never used it, we were using only electricity.

The apartment building is about 75 m2 large, but free place is not so much - 65m2. First living room is about 11 m2, the second is 13 m2 and kitchen 22 m2, than bathroom is 6m2 and the balcony is 7m2

From the pictures is visible, that in the second living room there is a bunk bed, which was replaced for a year with a normal double bed.

In the last four years the housing has been rented only by one young family. They have maintained the apartment very well and everything is in perfect conditions.

The same young family would like to stay in the apartment and if you are planning to rent it they are good tenants. (Just for Information. Right now it is rented for 450leva)

Behind the building is an open field, there is no other buildings and it's going to stay like this in the next years as park. Also there is great view to Vitosha mountain and Stara mountain as well.

The procedure for the sale is always done through a lawyer, and this will take only a few days. It required no commission's cause we are not an agency and we are only private person.

Good news: There are plans for building a subway nearby. The direction should go across Vitoscha district to the south part of Sofia

Attached you can find a map, showing the current metro route in Sofia and the future planned extension of the metro railway. It will pass through the district where the apartment for sale is located and there will be metro stations very closely.

Price: 75.000 ¬ variable with inventory.

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