Barbeque Wood in Birmingham

Barbeque Wood in Birmingham
City: Birmingham
Last visit: 2 Jul 2014
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Posted: 2 Jul 2014


Approximately a half garden bag of assorted types of wood like twigs, tree roots, little tree branches and various cut offs of timber from carpentry jobs etc all broken up or cut specifically for the purpose for barbequing.

Most bags are bagged specifically to avoid the need of any coal or even fire lighters etc. For best value and performance, fold 1 or more sheets of news paper tightly, then light and start adding twigs on to the flame. Once the twigs are burning well enough, start adding more bulkier pieces of wood. Tree roots may be more difficult to burn, so if there are any roots, these should only be added once the fire is going well and your barbeque and wood should last longer.

Every effort has been made to remove all hazardous materials from this wood, like thorns, nails and screws etc but it's possible 1 slipped through the net, so it's recommended to wear garden gloves when handling this wood.